tiny spotted flying bug!
Location: Columbus Ohio
February 12, 2011 1:19 am
i have had these tiny black/brown/beige spotted bugs for about a year now. They used to only hang out in my living room window sill during the spring when we would have our windows open (we have screens, not sure how they got in). Recently, they’re abundant in my bedroom. On my walls, bedposts (metal bed) and crawling on my pillows (what a delight to wake up to!). They tend to hang around by my cats food on the carpet, but they have never been IN his food or on my cat. I have no bites. I thought they were harmless until lately I see them flying with their hidden wings around my room. But mostly they crawl. Haven’t noticed any holes in bedsheets, even checked my cats ears but they’re not in there either! Haven’t seen any in my closet either. They seem to be less than a cm large…Please Help!
Signature: Nikki Ater

Carpet Beetle

Hi Nikki,
This ia a Carpet Beetle in the genus
Anthrenus, which you may confirm on BugGuide.  This is a common household pest that is also responsible for doing major damage to museum collections.  Your photo that includes the orange carpet amuses us.

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Location: Ohio

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  1. Annie says:

    I have a bug thats on my bed every night how can i post a picture of it to show u thanks

  2. philip says:

    yup…just found one my pillow. Interestly, a week ago I changed the padding under my old carpet, and about 3 weeks ago, i got new carpet in my basement… I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Its still cold, and we just had a major snow this past weekend…so I’m thinking this guy did not come from outside…My question is, what do they do?

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