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February 10, 2011 7:17 pm
Hi folks,
Your site is great!  I coordinate Butterflies and Moths of North America, and I love what you do.  We have a tiny staff too (2 part-time) and it is a ton of work.  I know you must get loads of submissions here as well. If you ever want to point submitters to our site for identification help on those ones you don’t feature, feel free.  Submitters can upload a photo and other details, and a volunteer regional coordinator will ID their submission. We also would love it if you would point users to our site to share rare submissions like the Owl moth (2010/11/16/owl-moth-can-this-be-a-state-record-for-wisconsin/) because we store all these records and make them available to scientists. If you are not interested in pointing folks to our project, that’s okay too.
Signature: Kelly Lotts

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for your email.  We will post your offer and request in the hopes that our readership will visit your site and provide contributions.  We believe that the normal ranges and migration patterns of many animal species (not just butterflies and moths) are changing, and that this is a symptom of a global shift that we probably cannot truly comprehend.

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