Location: Guyana, Northwest Interior near Mathew’s Ridge
February 9, 2011 5:10 pm
This butterfly caught my eye in in some pristine rainforest near Matthew’s Ridge, Guyana. It was flying and resting about three feet off the ground. The wingspan was about four inches.
Signature: G. Fischer

Clearwing Butterfly is Cithaerias andromeda

Dear G. Fischer,
This lovely Clearwing Brushfooted Butterfly in the subfamily Satyrinae might be
Pseudohaeterea hypaesia based on a photo posted on TrekNature.  Your lovely individual has obviously never needed its ocula (we hope that is the correct biological name for a false eyespot) as a defense mechanism.  Research provided the proper name for a false eyespot, and it is ocellus.  We also found this little ethereal beauty on the Haeterini (must be the tribe) images website.

Update:  July 8, 2014
Thanks to a recent comment, we are able to provide links to images of Cithaerias andromeda andromeda on Butterflies of America, Tree of Life and on the Neotropical Butterflies site.

Location: Guyana

6 Responses to Clearwing Butterfly from Guyana is Cithaerias andromeda

  1. Peter B-J says:

    Dear G Fischer and webmaster,
    No, this is not Pseudohaetera hypaesia (that has much bolder and brown rather than black submarginal hindwing markings). It is a species of Cithaerias, probably Cithaerias andromeda, also known as C. philis.
    Peter Bruce-Jones

  2. Peter B-J says:

    Many of the quality references I use for butterflies are books and not web-based. However, for Cithaerias philis see: http://www.flickr.com/photos/83287919@N00/3639415743/, and for both another form of C. andromeda and Pseudohaetera hypaesia go to http://www.neotropicalbutterflies.com/Site Revision/Pages/FamilyLists/NymphalidSubFamilyListBN/Satyrinae_Satyrs.html#haeterini. I hope this helps.
    Best regards,

  3. It is Cithaerias andromeda andromeda

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