Red round insects

Red Light Bulbs and a Paper Wasp Wing

Subject: Red round insects
Location: Austin, Texas
February 6, 2011 9:43 pm
Hi bugman, this is the second time I have seen these tiny, tiny red bugs. They look like small red light bulbs?
Any thoughts, I have looked on-line and still cannot seem to find a match.
Hope you can help.
Signature: East Side Patch

Heteropteran Nymphs Scavenging a Paper Wasp Carcass

Dear East Side Patch,
We found a very similar looking Heteropteran Nymph on BugGuide that is identified as a
Largus species or Bordered Plant Bug.  We located another photo on BugGuide of an later instar nymph of Largus californicus, which should be called the California Bordered Bug (though it is also reported from Texas on BugGuide). Many phytophagous Heteropterans or True Bugs scavenge dead insects in their immature stages.  The biggest difference we notice between your Heteropteran Nymphs and the Largus nymphs on BugGuide is that your species has longer, striped antennae.

Thank you so much for these!
This one has had me puzzled for quite some time!

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Location: Texas

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  1. nogard0 says:

    looks like we have them in virginia .they were on small maple trees. then all over the ground.

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