Mystery insect
Location: NorthWest England
February 5, 2011 9:14 am
For the past 2 summers I have had a mystery pest attack my foxgloves, crocosmia and snapdragons and they are slowing spreading to more parts of the garden. They can fly and they move very quickly when disturbed. I’ve looked on lots of pest identifying websites but can’t find out what they are.
Signature: Charlotte Haynes

Plant Bug

Hi Charlotte,
These are Plant Bugs in the family Miridae.  Once we did a web search with the family and your location, we quickly identified your particular Plant Bugs as
Grypocoris stysi on the British Bugs website which states:  “The adults and larvae feed on both flower heads as well as small invertebrates such as aphids.”  Foxgloves are not listed as a food plant which are listed as “nettles in woodland, and sometimes umbellifers and white bryony.

Hi Daniel
That’s great. I was spending ages looking through pictures trying to figure out what they were.
Many thanks

Location: UK

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  1. Ann Heard says:

    I have found these in NE Scotland.Again on Foxgloves

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