green lynx spider
Location: coastal san diego
February 2, 2011 1:04 pm
This will be the last time I visit your site. You have sent me two pass words and neither work. Just wanted to tell you that your life span information on the Green Lynx spider is incorrect. I have watched one continuously and she is now sitting on her second egg sac. She survived the December rains with her first spiderlings and became pregnant again. Since spiderlings winter over, I have to assume she started life in 2009. You can see the older egg sack in the picture to the left
Signature: meredith french

Green Lynx Spider with Egg Sac

Dear Meredith,
We are sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties.  Our technical staff is completely separate from our editorial staff.  All we can say is that if our awesome webmaster cannot correct your problem, there must be a major system incompatibility that is creating the problem.  Thanks for sending your photo of a Green Lynx Spider protecting her second egg sac.  Green Lynx Spiders may produce multiple broods, but even under ideal conditions, it would be highly unusual for a female to live through a second season.

Location: California

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