Unknown bug
Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana, Cellar
January 30, 2011 9:16 am
The bug seems like a nymph of some cricket but that is just my speculation.
It is approximately 1.5 cm in lenght.
It was found in a cellar of an apartment building during winter.
Hope you find the time to answer.
Signature: Nik Pečanac


Hi Nik,
Your suspicions that this is a Cricket are correct, and the undeveloped wings indicate that it is most likely an immature nymph.  The lack of an ovipositor indicates that this is a male, and we believe it is in the Field Cricket subfamily Gryllinae based on BugGuide imagery and that it is most likely the House Cricket,
Achetus domesticus, a species that is raised as food for many exotic pets like Tarantulas and Lizards.  Perhaps someone in the apartment building has a pet and this guy escaped being eaten.  Here is a nice online article on the House Cricket by Louise Kulzer.

Location: Slovenia

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