Moth from Costa Rica
Location: Valle del Silencio, La Amistad, Costa Rica
January 25, 2011 3:52 pm
Dear Bugman
Last September,one evening,i found during an expedition in the Valle del Silencio, Costa Rica, this rather big moth. Unfortunately, i only managed to take one picture, because it was moving very nervous. Despite my efforts to identify that moth, i haven’t found a picture of one that would really look similar. The Valle del Silencio is on 2500 m above sea level, and there, it is raining up to 359 days a year. I would be very happy if you could help me with this beautiful insect! Thank you very much..
Signature: Michael Schoy, Switzerland

Wasp Moth from Costa Rica

Hi Michael,
Even with this poor camera angle we are able to tell that this is a Wasp Moth in the subtribe Euchromiina.  We will try to identify the species.

Update:  January 21, 2015
We just received a comment that this is
Scelilasia erythrozonata.  We found and image of a mounted specimen on Taxonomy Browser and a matching photo on the German site

Location: Costa Rica

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  1. Jørn R. Gustad says:

    Scelilasia erythrozonata

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