What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

please help me identifying this bug!!!
Location: uruguay, la paloma
January 25, 2011 11:29 pm
i was staying for the weekend in la paloma, uruguay, and while chilling out outside my hotel bedroom, this strange bug fell near us. Neither me, my boyfriend or the hotel concierge could identify it, this man told us he never saw a bug like that on that area on his entire life. since then im trying to look it up on the internet but i cant find it, although some beetles looks like it.
please help me!
geographic location: LA PALOMA, URUGUAY
season: SUMMER
Signature: Natalie


Dear Natalie,
When we originally began writing What’s That Bug? as a print column in a photocopied zine American Homebody back in 1998, we thought we would have an easy time identifying large creatures that wandered into homes in Los Angeles, and then when What’s That Bug? became a column on the now defunct website AmericanHomebody.com in 1999, we figured we would still have the wherewithal to be able to deal with things on a more national level.  As we became more and more popular, and we became a unique website, things got more complicated and now we are often mistakenly regarded as scientific experts who are fully capable of identifying to the species level the most obscure and confusing creatures found throughout the far reaches of the world wide web and beyond.  That is simply not the case, but your insect is refreshingly easy for us to identify.  This is a Giant Water Bug, one of the aquatic predators in the family Belostomatidae.  It doesn’t matter if they are from California, Texas, Maryland, Costa Rica, Africa, Thailand or Australia, Giant Water Bugs in the family Belostomatidae are easy for us to classify to the family level, though an expert is required to narrow things to the species level.  Giant Water Bugs all look and act similarly.  They are aquatic predators and adults are quite capable of flying great distances.  They are attracted to lights, and in North America they are commonly called Electric Light Bugs, but we prefer the more scintillating name Toe-Biter because of the images it conjures up.  Many a swimmer has gotten a painful bite from an unfortunate encounter with a Toe-Biter.  In Thailand and in other parts of the world, they are considered delicacies and they may be purchased from street vendors.  They are even available in certain specialty grocery stores.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Uruguay

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