pantry pest
Location: Maryland, January, in kitchen cabinet
January 22, 2011 4:38 pm
I just found these in some rice and other long stored grains that were in plastic bags in one of my kitchenm cabinets. It looked like a mouse had eaten through the bags, but there have been no signs of mice. I have cats so I would have known. The photo of the messed up food is what was inside the bag looked like. It smelled almost like cat urine, but there had been no cats in there. The beetles are just over 1/16 inch long. I couldn’t even tell they had segments or legs until I took the photos. Nothing seemed to be moving until I looked at one with a magnifying glass and it wiggled a little. I haven’t checked the rest of my cupboards yet. Sorry the photos aren’t great.
Signature: Maryland

Infestation in the Pantry

Dear Maryland,
It is difficult to be certain, but it appears that your Pantry Beetles are Flour Beetles in the genus
Tribolium.  You may compare your photos to images posted to BugGuide.  A more detailed closeup image that shows the antennae would be helpful for a more certain identification.

Thanks for your help. I do believe you’re right. As I continue to go through my cabinets if I find any more with antennae intact I will definitely look closely at the antennae.
I love your site.
Mary Sue

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Location: Maryland

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