Orange Cruiser Butterfly of some sort?
Location: Pulau Tioman, Malaysia
January 18, 2011 12:36 am
This is another that I ran across in Malaysia this summer. Looks like it is a Vindula of some sort, but all the pictures I’m seeing aren’t as orange, and don’t have as many eye-spots.
Searching Orange Cruiser gets me more bicycles than bugs.
A splash of color for winter, anyway.
Signature: Bert


Dear Bert,
Your identification is correct.  This is a Cruiser,
Vindula dejone, which we identified on the Butterflies of Malaysia website.  There is often individual variation within a species, and your specimen may appear especially vivid if it is a newly metamorphosed individual that has not lost any of the scales on its wings yet.  This individual on FlickR is showing some wear and tear and is not as brightly colored as the individual in your photo.

Location: Malaysia

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