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Strange Visitor-Fuschia Colored Dragonfly
Location: Panamá (the country). The photos were taken in Arraijan, a mountain-like area
January 17, 2011 4:18 am
Hi! I read all dragonfly posts I could find but couldn’t identify this dragonfly. We have a rain drain in the back that’s quite like a pond in some places and we get dragonflies (honey colored small ) and damselflies(bluets, mostly) but this one came in one day out of nowhere, in the afternoon. It was quite big, with a striking fuschia tone. The color was so bright it caught my atention 10 meters away. I couldn’t get any closer to it because it sat on the other side of the drain, but if you could try to identify it, I would be very grateful. I’m trying to find out if this strange visitor is natural to the country in which I live.
Signature: Thanks, Lilith

Carmine Skimmer we believe

Hi Lilith,
We believe this may be a Carmine Skimmer,
Orthemis discolor.  According to BugGuide, the range is:  “Central Texas, west into Arizona, south through Central America” and it may be identified because of its coloring which is  “Brilliant pink, sometimes purplish, sometimes more red, with bright red eyes and face. Face and eyes typically as brightly colored or brighter than the body; compare to Roseate Skimmer, in which the eyes and face are usually darker than the body.”  That physical description fits the individual in your photograph.

Thank you so much fo the ID.. from what your description says about range, it makes me think a storm brought it close to where I live, because although in summer
it becomes a bit desertic, he/she came in rainy season …

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Panama

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