Giant Silk Moth?
Location: Mindanao Philippines
January 16, 2011 2:33 pm
Hi bugman. I took this photo in 2006 in Mindanao Philippines and am curious about what type of moth it is. I woke up one morning to find it on my window sill and it is about 5-6 inches head to tail, with a larger wing span. Please help solve the mystery? Thanks.
Signature: DHector

Giant Silkmoth: Samia luzonica perhaps

Dear DHector,
We found a website that lists the Giant Silkmoths that are found in the Philippines, The Saturniidae of the Philippines, but it does not contain any images.  We were able to then do a web search of the species listed.  We wish you had taken this photograph from a better camera angle as the extreme foreshortening is not ideal for identification purposes.  We did notice a resemblance to an Asian species,
Samia cynthia, the Cynthia Moth, which was introduced to North America.  The caterpillars of the Cynthia Moth feed upon the Ailanthus or Tree of Heaven, but alas, the feeding of the caterpillars has done nothing to curb the spread of this noxious weed tree.  Two members of the genus are among the list on The Saturniidae of the Philippines, and Samia luzonica, which we located on the Bugmaniac Webshop, is a pretty close match to your specimen.

Location: Philippines

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