Curious bug found in kitchen
Location: Camarillo, Ca
January 13, 2011 2:50 am
Hello bugman,
I live in Southern California, Ventura county, and found a bunch of these bugs on my kitchen floor. They all seemed to perish soon after I discovered them.
Anyway I took a picture, and was hoping you could identify these bugs. To give an idea of scale, pictured next to the bug are the tines ofn a fork.
Signature: Mystified in Camarillo

Lawn Shrimp

Dear Mystified,
This is a Lawn Shrimp or House Hopper, a terrestrial amphipod that can become quite numerous in gardens.  Though it needs a damp environment to survive, it shuns saturated soil, so heavy rains cause Lawn Shrimp to seek drier locations like garages and homes where they promptly dry out and die.  The Lawn Shrimp is not a native crustacean, but an introduction to Southern California that was accidentally imported from Australia.  Like many Australian natives, Lawn Shrimp find the climate in Southern California to their liking and they proliferate.

Dear Bugman,
Thank you so much for solving this mystery and maintaining your website.  I will definitely contribute!

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Location: California

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  1. Bugged says:

    I am amazed! I just moved to Oahu a couple of months ago and have been asking all over to find out what these shrimp/flea looking bugs are that I find dead all over the kitchen on a regular basis. Now I see they are all over the world and not just in Hawaii. I have 3 other bugs to identify now, so I’ll be posting pictures soon. Thanks!

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