Insect emerging from ’shell’
Location: Burgundy area of France
January 7, 2011 8:53 am
This beastie had planted itself on a tent while it emerged from its hard shell. I’d like to know what species of insect it is and what foliage it might have more naturally lived on.
Signature: Pat

Metamorphosis of a Cicada

Dear Pat,
You have been fortunate enough to witness the metamorphosis of a Cicada.  The Cicada nymph lives underground for years, as many as 17 in the case of the North American Periodical Cicadas, and when they mature, they dig to the surface and molt for the final time, emerging as winged adults.  An Australian species of Cicada is considered to be the world’s loudest insect.  When they are plentiful, the sound produced by hundreds of Cicadas can produce a head-splitting din.

Location: France

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