Roatan Honduras Spider? Crab?
Location: Roatan, Honduras
January 2, 2011 10:44 pm
I snapped this photo of what I thought was a huge spider on Roatan Honduras. The local told me it was a crab, not a spider. Any ideas?
Signature: Thanks! Laurie

Possibly Huntsman Spider

Dear Laurie,
It is impossible to be certain because of the angle of your photograph, but we believe this is a Huntsman Spider, possibly
Heteropoda venatoria.  It is not a crab.

Possibly Huntsman Spider

Location: Honduras

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  1. stuart longhorn says:

    It’s a mature male of Ancylometes cf. bogotensis, family Ctenidae. I’ve seen them near identical on the north coast mainland, rather surprising to see on Roatan – but maybe transported by humans. Anyway, totally harmless. Definitely a spider! 🙂

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for providing a comment on this old posting. We have created a Wandering Spider subcategory for the family Ctenidae.

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