Unknown bug.
Location: on the coast of Wollongong, New south Wales, Australia
January 2, 2011 5:32 am
Hello, Im Rebecca Mather,
I was doing the dishes tonight and noticed something odd on the dried out spounge. Just under 1 mm long, White several tiny black lines across its body seperating the bug, like a grub or something.
Just curious as to what it is. Our unit is very high up, has those invisible security screens and we have no pets. so im not sure how it got in and if its a potential problem.
If you could identify it, i would be really grateful.
Thank you.
Signature: Rebecca Mather

Carpet Beetle Larvae or Maggots, or something else????

Dear Rebecca,
It is impossible to make an identification based on your photo, but we are guessing that you have either Carpet Beetle Larvae or Fly Maggots.  Either might be feeding on organic material that has accumulated on the sponge.

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Location: Australia

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