Pamphobeteus- Ecuador
Location: Lives in Ecuador
January 1, 2011 6:39 pm
i just thought i would show the true beauty of the tarantula world. this is my male Pamphobeteus species from Ecuador. i have yet to find an actual common name from a book, but many people call them a South Ecuador Pampho. Tarantulas make the greatest pets. This one looks even better in person!
Signature: Zach

Tarantula: Pamphobeteus species

Dear Zach,
That is some beautiful Tarantula.  The lavender color on the legs is stunning.  Are these Tarantulas being bred in captivity or are they all wild captures?  We are also curious why you would choose a male instead of a female because we are under the impression that the female spiders live longer.  The description of
Pamphobeteus antinous on Giant Spiders is “Pocock, 1903 Peru, Bolivia  A very large and robust species from the rainforest areas of Bolivia. The femora of the legs have a bright blue colouration, especially apparent in mature males. Not that common in collections” and the description of Pamphobeteus ornatus is “Mature males are particularly striking being coloured with purple/pink to the legs and a starburst of colour to the carapace. Females remain dark brown to black.”  In our opinion, of the two, the description of Pamphobeteus ornatus seems quite accurate because of the starburst of color on the carapace.

As a matter of fact i have a female too. i honestly don’t have a clue on if they are bred in captivity. i ordered the female from a dealer and i found the male in a local pet shop that always have a great selection of exotic animals and Tarantulas. The females do live longer as you stated, but from what i have read, the females will stay a more brown color and wont develop the purple coloring on the legs (my female is still small at the moment so i don’t know for sure). As soon as i saw this one in the store and saw the purple.. i couldn’t turn it down. i don’t think any collector could. it’s simply gorgeous.

Location: Ecuador

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  1. sebastian says:

    Tarantulas are not pets. Leave them where they belong. Period.

  2. Andre says:

    Good day ,I’m from South Africa and we only have the baboon spider,and that’s only one my spider colection are growing and scorpions so hope we can export more or trade

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