Mites under a microscope!
Location: Western NC
December 2, 2010 8:52 am
An individual at my school came in yesterday with a hair mousse bottle almost completely encrusted with these little fellows. According to her, they’re all over her electronics and hair care products, but no where else.
She thinks they may have come in on a used rug or carpet one of her family members recently purchased, but cannot be certain. Their population seems to have exploded overnight.
I tried to aim my little camera into the ocular to take a photo, but couldn’t focus things properly. The photo does hive an outline of the creatures though. I forget the magnification setting I had selected, but I *think* it was 250x. The mites could only be visibly discerned as tiny white specks.
Any ID help is appreciated.
Signature: Jacob


Dear Jacob,
Even with your wonderful photo, we do not feel qualified enough to provide an identification for you on these Mites, but perhaps one of our readers will supply an identification.

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Location: North Carolina

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  1. bmoc says:

    These are “mold mites”, family Acaridae, genus Tyrophagus. The most common species, Tyrophagus putrescentiae, is found in many places around houses or stored food products. They will feed on molds or on many kinds of raw or processed foods.

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