Unknown Insect

Blue Eyes Lacewing Hatchling Larva

Unknown Insect
Location: North Coast NSW Australia
January 1, 2011 12:33 am
Hi. I usually can identity most insects in my region but these babies are a complete mystery. These pictures were taken on the ceiling of an exposed patio on the mid north coast of New South Wales Australia. The insects hatched in January which is mid summer. They are very tiny and I used a macro setting on the camera to take a large image, then cropped it to bring the zoom in. (if that makes sense)
Thanks for your time.
Signature: Niall

Blue Eyes Lacewing Eggs Hatching

Dear Niall,
These are eggs from the order Neuroptera, and the most likely candidate is that they are the eggs of the Blue Eyes Lacewing,
Nymphes myrmeleonides, based on images that are posted to the Brisbane Insect Website.  The website indicates “They lay white eggs arranged in ‘U’ shape near houses and fences” and “The larvae are litter dwellers, they cover themselves with debris. They are predators for other small insects. They hunt under logs or debris.

Blue Eyes Lacewing Eggs

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Location: Australia

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