From the yearly archives: "2010"

Weird Bug
Location:  Thetford, Norfolk, England
September 26, 2010 3:57 am
I found this on my toilet wall very near 2 dead spiders. it’s about 5cm long.
Signature:  name of the bug

Long Bodied Cellar Spider

This sure looks to us like a Long Bodied Cellar Spider, Pholcus phalangioides, which has a worldwide distribution according to BugGuide.

odd colored spider
Location:  santa fe nm
September 28, 2010 7:41 pm
We have recently moved to santa fe nm, and have found a few of these spiders in our yard. They are hairy black. With a smooth red abdomen. They are about the size of a jumping spider
Signature:  sean j hizny

Jumping Spider

Hi Sean,
This is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae, possibly a male
Phidippus ardens, which we found pictured on BugGuide.

Twigs in the night
Location:  Central Texas
September 29, 2010 7:55 am
I found this butterfly or moth outside my apartment on 24 Sept. at 8:30 in the morning. I live in Copperas Cove, a town in Central Texas near Fort Hood. The markings look like twigs in amazing detail with a night time background.
Signature:  Timothy

Vine Sphinx

Hi Timothy,
“Twigs in the night” is surely an artful description of the markings of the Vine Sphinx,
Eumorpha vitis, which you may read about on Bill Oehlke’s website Sphingidae of the Americas.

large green and purple caterpillar
Location:  Southern Utah
September 29, 2010 4:18 pm
We found this caterpillar in the garage in southern utah in September. Its green and purple banded with a green tail.
Signature:  Crystal

Waved Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi Crystal,
According to Bill Oehlke’s website Sphingidae of the Americas, the caterpillar of the Waved Sphinx,
Ceratomia undulosa, changes color:  “Just prior to pupation, larvae frequently take on a rosy hue.”  Sphinx Moth caterpillars are often called Hornworms because of the prominent caudal horn found on the caterpillar of many species, including the Waved Sphinx.

Beetle with big pinchers?
Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
September 29, 2010 5:10 pm
Hi! Found this beetle in a parking lot in Winnipeg, Manitoba around midnight around Sept. 19th. It was about 10oC or 50oF, and there were about 50 of the same bugs all over the lot. Wondering if you could identify it for me? Thanks!
Signature:  Emily F.


Hi Emily,
The Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter is one of our most common identification requests, and it seems we must have close to 100 images of Toe-Biters posted to our site.  People frequently mistake this True Bug for a beetle.  We like to post a new image of a Toe-Biter  every once in awhile.

September 29, 2010
Location:  Santiago de Cuba
Hi Daniel,
Sorry I didn’t provide more details.
The congregation of moths was all over the old Spanish fortress, on the walls, the ground, everywhere! Even inside open rooms. No trees anywhere near, and very little other vegetation.
I’m attaching a photo of what I believe is a white witch, and one of a section of wall about 1 sq meter, where I counted at least 10 moths.

Owl Moth

Hi again Ben,
We are sad to inform you that this interesting white moth is NOT a White Witch which is the largest moth in the world if the measurement is determined by wingspan.  We believe this is a smaller relative in the same genus, the Owl Moth,
Thysania zenobia, which we identified on the Moth Photographers Group website and then matched it on BugGuide.