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home insect mystery
Location: ny
December 30, 2010 11:56 pm
hey guys,
i constantly started seeing more and more of this insect and i really need help identifying these insects. they are growing exponentially in my kitchen and i need to find a way to get rid of this. Please help me out.
Signature: jack

Possibly Mouse Droppings

Dear Jack,
Your photo does not have the necessary detail to be sure, but we do not believe this phenomenon is insect related.  We believe you have mouse droppings.  Please compare what you have to this image on the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology website.  You can also visit the Cornell University Integrated Pest Management website.  You can start by cleaning out the kitchen thoroughly and discarding any food that rodents would have access to.  If you disagree with us and still believe you have insects, please send a better photo for identification.

Possibly Mouse Droppings

Follow Up Request
January 28, 2011 11:41 pm
hey there
can i delete my post that i posted here more than a month ago. One of my friend recently googled my username f#@$%&*k (censored) and this site came up and all my friends were reading about the mouse droppings(my post) and laughing at me. Is there a way to delete my post so that it dosent come up on google anymore. Please help.Thanks
Signature: jack

Dear Jack,
We do not remove content from our archives.  We do not publish email addresses unless a reader requests that for some reason.  There are so many Jacks in New York that there was no way your friends could connect this posting to you as an individual until you yourself posted a comment that included your user name.  The google search is not leading your acquaintances to our posting, but to the comment you sent as a follow up to the posting.  We can delete the comment, but we will not remove the posting.  We don’t know how much longer the cached information on your user name will lead your friends to our site, but once information has been uploaded to the WWW, it runs the risk of going viral.  It is a sad comment on the state of interpersonal relationships that your so called friends need to troll the internet with the intention of digging up dirt (or in this case mouse feces) on you so that they can publicly ridicule you.  As an aside, when we did the google search we observed that our website comes up seventh, after male enhancements and online hookups.  We fully understand how your slovenly housekeeping might reduce your internet heat factor since it might be a dealbreaker.  We believe it is best in the interest of running a family oriented website that we not only remove your comment, but also that we censor your user name from this request so that our younger readers will not inadvertently be led to the adult content associated with your internet profile.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: New York

7 Responses to Possibly Mouse Feces

  1. Faith says:

    I found these exact droppings in my apartment and instantly thought “mice!” But I found no telltale holes and never heard any critter activity. After an hour of scourging my apartment I came upon a black wooly bear caterpillar, which eventually turns into a great leopard moth. I held said creature under observation… feeding it what I had around the house that the interwebz suggested… dandelion, broccoli leaves, and spinach. Sure enough the critter produced the same leavings that I had previously mistaken for mouse droppings. What a relief!

    • bugman says:

      Congratulations on the resolution of your mystery, but we still believe the submitted photo is likely mouse droppings.

  2. Wilma wallace says:

    I have them around my fire place in my living room and they crawl they look like mouse dropping

  3. MJ says:

    I just started getting these on my kitchen counter! Seriously, I too thought it was mouse poop at first, but as I began cleaning the area with 409, they began to move!! And when I swished them into the sink to wash them down, they tried climbing up the side of the sink!

    I sprayed heavily with ant killer (the only thing I had on hand) and they died. I cleaned them up and when I came home the next morning, THERE WERE MORE!

    They seem to like my kitchen sink area-the counter around it. It’s also directly under a window-not sure if that matters?

    Is the consensus that it’s likely a moth? Or are there any other thoughts? And how on Earth do I get rid of them? Please help!

    • Val says:

      My husband and I were gone visiting family for almost a month and came home very late a few nights ago to what we thought was mouse poop all up the wood stairs (every step!) in our small condo and several in the hallway and in his bathroom tub and floor along with some in the downstairs bathroom. Nothing in the kitchen or around food. A couple on the floor downstairs. Seemed to be mostly between the two baby gates at the bottom and top of the stairs. We set mouse traps but no luck so far. Never had mice poop upstairs before, only kitchen. We cleaned everything up w disinfecting/bleach spray (to be safe bc hanta virus was originally identified in U.S. about 45 min from us) but we keep finding a few more “poops” here and there.

      Tonight I noticed more in his tub and on the bathroom floor but they were slowly moving. I know some of these black rice looking things downstairs are likely mice poop bc our condo had some furry visitors during winter and we live in Colorado.

      What are these insects? Some kind of weevil?

      • Laura says:

        Did you find out what they are? We have similar problem in our bathroom. Can’t tell if coming from the sink? Hundreds of bugs at a time which appear be dead but sometimes moved slowly

        • Val says:

          Nope, Laura, we still don’t know but we’re relieved we discovered 0 mouse poop and just a few more bugs. My husband noticed a cover to the exhaust fan in his bathroom was dislodged and we noticed a huge decrease in the bugs after he put it back in place. I need to take photos. The mystery continues.

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