Client Thinks this is a large flea
Location: San Jose, California, USA
December 29, 2010 4:36 pm
HI and thanks for your help. I work at a veterinary clinic and a client e-mailed us this picture thinking it might be a giant flea. We know it is not a flea, however can you help us identify what it is? We are in San Jose, California. This was found in the house half dead on 12/28/2010.
Signature: Samantha, Front-office manager

Lawn Shrimp

Hi Samantha,
This is a Lawn Shrimp or House Hopper, an Australian terrestrial Amphipod that has been introduced to California.  They thrive in cultivated gardens that are well watered, however, when there are flooding rains, which California has experienced in recent weeks, they often seek shelter indoors where they promptly die of dessication.  They will not harm pets or furnishings, but when the die indoors in large numbers, they are a real nuisance.

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Location: California

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