Mite identification
Location: Asheville, NC
December 28, 2010 11:41 am
My house is infested with a small bug, possibly a mite. And my boyfriend now has them at his house and I’ve carried them to my office as well.
I’ve seen something tiny on numerous occasions, but I have only been able to catch one of these bugs, in some oil. These things are tiny (like the period at the end of this sentence and are very quick to hide. They get into everything in the house and are crawling on my body as well.
Can you help me identify this bug? I have bumps and soars on my skin, which may be bites or just a reaction to the bugs.
My photos are at 40x magnification.
Signature: Dee

Mystery Bug

Dear Dee,
It appears that you have two very different creatures represented in your photographs.  One of them is a mystery to us, but it does not look like a mite.  The other, which you have labeled Dees Bug, appears to be a Carpet Beetle Larva which is a common household pest, but we do not believe it is responsible for your skin condition, nor do they move quickly.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to identify your other creature.  In addition to the two images you have sent, you may also have a problem with Mites which are frequently associated with abandoned bird’s nests in the attic areas of the home.

Carpet Beetle Larva

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Location: North Carolina

6 Responses to Carpet Beetle Larva and Mystery Bug

  1. aussietrev says:

    I can’t actually make out any bug in the photo but from the description and symptoms two possibilities spring to mind, grass fleas and sand flies (called midgies in Australia, small enough to pass through insect mesh and have a preference for biting below the knees. They will cause itching and lumps and some people can have severe reactions to them and break out in rashes). Grass fleas will happily move inside if there is an opportunity and they particularly like long pile carpets.

  2. bmoc says:

    The first photo doesn’t look like an intact creature; it’s possibly just a fragment.

  3. olenska says:

    I have the same mite in my home and on me. Dr. Louis Sorkin at the NY Museum of Natural History believes it is a mite, but needs either more photos or a physical sample. I have only dead ones, that have been through a hot dryer, but no live ones. If the poster has a live one, please add a comment here, and we can collaborate on getting a sample to Dr. Sorkin. I am going to try the IR bulb over soapy water. I will post again if that works or I have any further information on it.

  4. olenska says:

    administrator – I would be grateful if you could contact the person who posted this photo and advise her that I am trying to reach her. thank you

  5. katie says:

    Hi I do not know what that mystery big is a picture of kind of looks like scabies. I also have these on me and its big enough to see without magnification. Can’t see the details or that its a big but u can tell its not part of your body.

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