Location: Hungary, Europe
December 28, 2010 6:30 pm
I found these creatures in my bedroom.
I think they are from the same species. Their size is about about 2-5 mm. I don’t know what do they do, eat, name etc…so please help to identify them! :]
Ps.: I think they are not full grown bugs.
Signature: Joci

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Dear Joci,
You have Carpet Beetle Larvae, and it appears as though you may have more than one species.  Carpet Beetle Larvae are common household pests that feed on organic fibers like wool and feathers as well as organic debris like shed pet hair and even human hair.  They have a cosmopolitan distribution.  Normally, we frown upon composite imagery on our website, but we are intrigued with your geometric layout that reminds us of a quilt.

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Location: Hungary

2 Responses to Carpet Beetle Larvae

  1. Lorraine says:

    The picture isn’t clear enough to tell, but some of the critters look a bit like bedbugs (ICK! HATE HATE HATe!) Hope they;re not, for your sake.
    (I’ve actually replaced the vloth king mattress with two air beds, covered in two inches of memory foam. It’s AMAZINGLY comfortable! Ear person can adjust their bed as they like…. no more rolling down into the pit of the heavier person.

  2. Tanya says:

    Hi how do we get rid of the small brown bugs in the kitchen cupboards I have cleaned the cardboards out but still find some it’s doing my head in? Please let me know how to get rid of them. I will try & send a photo of them

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