Blue beetle with orange legs
Location: Austin, tx
December 24, 2010 3:51 pm
Hi Bugman!
This beetle was found in Austin TX in the middle of June (mid to upper 90-degree weather) in our elm tree. He was moving very slowly and didn’t look like he was doing well (moving very slowly as if sick). He’s about an inch long.
Signature: Kris

Bumelia Borer

Dear Kris,
Most of the images we receive of the Bumelia Borer,
Plinthocoelium suaveolens, are a beautiful metallic green rather than blue, but BugGuide indicates that it is a variable species that can be “metallic green, blue, or bronze. Femora red.

Bumelia Borer

Rock on! Thanks for the quick response. He’s pretty much the coolest bug we’ve ever seen. Hopefully we’ll see more of them this summer.
Merry Christmas!

Location: texas

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