I would love to know what this is.
Location: South Louisiana
December 18, 2010 4:47 pm
Hi there,
I found this odd looking bug underneath my carport one night. We had our large outdoor florescent light on and it was just sitting on the concrete. I’ve seen this bug once or twice before, but not very often. It just looks weird! I’m not sure if it’s a type of beetle, or related to the large flying stinkbugs that we have here in South Louisiana.
Signature: Bugged in Cajun Country


Dear Bugged,
This is a Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter, so named because of the painful bite received by so many swimmers in freshwater ponds and lakes where this large predator prowls for aquatic insects as well as tadpoles and small fish.  Another common name for the Giant Water Bug is Electric Light Bug because it is commonly attracted to lights while flying from pond to pond.  Though it is quite streamlined in both the water and the air, it is awkward on land.

Location: Louisiana

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