Was I taken for a fool?
Location: Georgia
December 17, 2010 11:53 pm
After visiting some friends who had bed bugs, I got very nervous when I began noticing little bugs around my house. I called an exterminator, who treated my house for bed bugs, but I still have the bugs. The strange part is that the pictures of bed bugs on the internet look nothing like the bugs in my house. Have I been fooled?? Please help me identify this bug. Thank you!
Signature: Pamela

Carpet Beetle Larva

Hi Pamela,
You have Carpet Beetle Larvae and the exterminator probably did not do anything to eliminate them.  They eat organic fibers, including pet hair. Keeping the rugs well vacuumed and making sure there is no stray pet hair, or human hair for that matter, accumulating under cushions and on rugs should help control the Carpet Beetle Larvae.

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Location: Georgia

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