Beetle(?) Larva?
Location: Mims, Florida
December 10, 2010 7:56 pm
Found this little guy on my porch railing. Some eat color and some odd gyrations made him catch my eye. Question is…what the heck is he gonna be when he grows up? I put a dime in the corner of one of the images to give an idea of size…is he a baby cockroach?
PS Love the site…
Signature: Mark

Leafhopper Nymph

Dear Mark,
We were so puzzled by this guy, that at first we were not sure where to begin.
It does appear to be an immature insect, and we do not believe it is a larva of an insect with complete metamorphosis, which would eliminate the beetles.  Our gut instinct is that is looks like a member of the order Hemiptera, but the antennae seem wrong for that.  They are much longer than most members of the order.  Then we found an image on BugGuide of a Privet Leafhopper Nymph, Fieberiella florii, and it has enough similarities to your insect to embolden us that we are on the right track. Once we found an image on BugGuide of the nymph of a Leafhopper in the genus Gyponana, we felt we were close enough to the answer to post it and respond to you. Of the genus, BugGuide indicates:  “Very few species are readily identifiable based on external characters andPonana and Gypona nymphs are very similar but have dark markings.

Leafhopper Nymph

Location: Florida

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