Please can you link to this new ant site
Tim Holtom to bugman, danielj
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Subject: Please can you link to this new ant site
December 8, 2010 11:00 am
Hi, I have a web site link suggestion.
I will provide reciprocal links =)
Thanks, Tim
Signature: Tim Holtom

Matt sent this photo a few months ago.

Hi Tim,
We got tremendous glee out of linking to your website from four different phrases in your email.  We wonder if you can tell us what kind of ants are preying upon the Preying Mantis in the photo from our archives that we posted to accompany your email since you did not provide a photo.  Just put a comment on the featured post advertising your new website.  We hope our readership doesn’t crash your server.

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One Response to Check out this Ant Website

  1. antARK says:

    Hey, sorry for over linking! you can never be too sure haha.
    From this photo its hard to see details of the ants, but they could be some sort of Lasius sp or Linepithema sp (aka argentine ants, common invasive pests).
    Thanks for the post, all the best.
    Tim, from antARK.

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