I spy a green bug in my spinach
Location: Found in organic spinach container distributed by Lucerne (located in Pleasanton, CA)
December 6, 2010 10:02 pm
Thanks so much for your help in identifying this green bug that I found in my spinach. It was quite disappointing as I was really looking forward to eating Chicken Paillard tonight. This bug was in our Organic Spinach container and ALIVE.
Signature: Heather

Stink Bug in Organic Spinich

Dear Heather,
We could not help but to be terribly amused by your letter.  One of the characteristics of organic produce is that pesticides are not used during the cultivation.  When pesticides are not used, insects can thrive on the cultivated food supply.  Washing and inspecting packaged greens is a must even if the produce is organic.  Traditionally, greens should be washed in seven changes of water to remove all of the dirt and grit that accumulates during cultivation, and a thorough cleaning will also remove any insects that are still clinging to the plants.  In the future, you should inspect your greens before dumping them onto a plate for consumption.  Anyone with a garden knows that you are going to find insects munching on the plants, and hand picking them will help in most cases, though infestations of Aphids and certain other pests that form dense colonies may need to be sprayed off with a hose.

Location: California

2 Responses to Stink Bug found in Spinich

  1. Dave says:

    Look: meat and veggies in the same package!

    Hello Daniel and Heather,

    That’s one advantage of organic produce: extra portions. Many species of stinkbug are edible.


  2. Susan Smolka says:

    No excuse because it’s organic!! The farmer STILL has to be held accountable! I found one in mine this morning too, in my “ready to eat, triple washed spinach”

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