Spotted: Huge insect, looking like a giant ant/tarantula/yellow jacket
Location: San Francisco, CA
December 7, 2010 5:28 am
I am in San Francisco and tonight saw a bug that was so weird. It was huge… about 4 inches long. The photo does not really do it justice… it was almost the length of my palm+pinky finger. It’s abdomen was swollen and very large, stripped yellow and black. It’s legs looked like a spider’s legs, or like a yellow jacket. It seemed to have small pinchers on it’s abdomen and antennae on its head. I think it had three body sections, but maybe it only had two. It had 6 legs. There were no wings.
What is this bug??
Signature: Brooke

Potato Bug

Dear Brooke,
Now that you know that this is a Potato Bug or Jerusalem Cricket, you should be able to locate countless websites with information, including much interesting lore.  The recent rains in California have driven this subterranean species to the surface and our inbox has been flooded with identification requests.

Location: California

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