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Honeybee Swarm Capture
Location: Portland Oregon
December 5, 2010 12:49 pm
We keep bees in Portland Oregon and capture swarms during ”swarm season” which is usually late March through June.
I thought you might enjoy a shot of a nice swarm we captured. In this shot we have cut it out of a tree. The swarm was about 20 ft up. We are getting ready to put it in a Langstroth style hive body and take them to their new home.
I want people to know that when honeybees swarm they are only looking for a new home and are very mellow. I have personally stood in the middle of swarms when they are flying and it is an amazing experience. There is nothing like 20,000 honeybees flying all around you. It’s wonderful.
A swarm looks intimidating but they are not interested in you at all. So if you see one please just leave them alone and call a local beekeeper. Don’t spray them with chemicals or otherwise harass them. Treat them with respect and care because without them we will starve.
I love your site and thank you for the great work you are doing.
Signature: Taborhood Honey

Honey Bee Swarm Capture

Dear Folks at Taborhood Honey,
Thank you for sending these exciting photographs and such good advice.  Every couple of years, we are lucky enough to see a swarm emerge from Elyria Canyon near our Mt Washington offices, and two and a half years ago, the swarm remained in the front yard for a few hours.  We agree it was quite exciting.

Honey Bee swarm transfered to Langstroth style hive

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Oregon

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  1. Ezzarat says:

    A few months ago we had a swarm of bees invade our back yard. I think they were going to settle down and make a nest in a tree that they were hovering around. They must have decided they didn’t like it, because they disappeared after a few days.

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