Shiny Single Horned Beetle
Location: Dupui Preserve just east of Lake Okeechobee Florida
December 4, 2010 9:48 am
Dear Bug Dudes & Dudettes,
This beetle flew into my car in the Dupui Preserve Loxahatchee / West Palm, Florida. November 2010. It’s shell is thick, very hard, and so reflective that it was difficult to photograph.
About 3/4 of an inch long but still strong enough to escape my closed hand by pushing up on my finger with it’s head, powered by the two front legs. A very impressive little bug.
I would like to know what they feed on so I can observe it a while. Thanks
Signature: Nature Dad

Rainbow Scarab

Dear Nature Dad,
We positively love that you gave us such nice differing views of your Rainbow Scarab.  Your beetle is a male as evidenced by his horn.  We hope you won’t think less of this beauty when you learn he is a Dung Beetle.  Dung Beetles mate and work in pairs to provide for the brood.  The roll excretia into a ball and roll it to the pre-dug burrow where they bury the ball of dung and lay an egg.  The pair divide the labor in the raising of the brood, a rarity in the insect world.  Daniel has written extensively on the family structure of mated Dung Beetles in his book, The Curious World of Bugs.

Location: Florida

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