wasp that emerged from caterpillar chrysalis
Location: San Francisco
December 4, 2010 10:19 pm
This wasp-like insect hatched out of the caterpillar we were raising at my school in San Francisco. Very exciting! Just not sure what kind of wasp it is, if it is indeed one. In the sun, the black had a bluish sheen, kind of like a raven’s feathers.
Signature: Ayesha

Parasitoid Wasp

Hi Ayesha,
We can’t wait to begin to research this Parasitoid Wasp.  We wish you could tell us more about the caterpillar.  We will begin with Ichneumons.
P.S.  In our search on BugGuide we encountered this positively gorgeous Ichneumon.  We wish someone would send us a photograph of
Trogus pennator.

Parasitoid Wasp

Well, the caterpillar was eating bean leaves. It was curled up in a cutworm shape when we found it. The chrysalid had lots of webbing around it and the other chyrsalid actually turned into a moth. I will go ahead and attach the picture of the moth to this email – I didn’t want to overload you guys with ID requests but of course am wondering about the moth as well! And maybe it will help you with the parasitoid wasp.
Glad you are as intrigued! I don’t know enough about Ichneumon wasps to go there myself!

Cutworm Moth: Host to Parasitoid Wasp

Thanks for this awesome update Ayesha,
We do enjoy this type of research and we expect it to take some time.  We have several unidentified postings from today, and we are also trying to download our own photos of a Hemipteran California Black Walnut pest.

okay, cool. I am in no rush. Just glad someone else is interested, besides me!
I just checked my old emails and it was you who identified my bilobed looper moth as well. Thank you.

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Location: California

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