Small metallic green beetle – Agonum sp?
Location: North Carolina
December 4, 2010 10:51 pm
Hi there,
I caught this fellow in a Berlese funnel for my entomology class – it’s pretty small, probably 8 mm long. I’m thinking it’s a Agonum sp., but is there a more accurate ID?
Signature: Beginner entomologist

Ground Beetle

Dear Beginner entomologist,
We find Ground Beetles to be particularly challenging to identify, but we will give this a try.  In the meantime, perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide an answer.

Ed. Note: We do not believe this is Agonum based on BugGuide’s images.

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Location: North Carolina

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  1. mardikavana says:

    This should be genus Lebia. Maybe Lebia viridis but you should contact with someone who knows North-American carabidae. I don’t know them very well.

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