Black Jezebel Butterfly
Location: South Coast, NSW , Australia
December 4, 2010 10:01 pm
Heres some pics of the Black Jezebel Butterfly after it has emerged still drying it`s wings, it ”hatched” while i was asleep so i missed taking a photo of it emerging like i wanted to anyways i hope you enjoy these pictures.
Signature: Wade

Black Jezebel

Wow Wade,
What a gorgeous the color palate on your photograph.  The colors of this photograph are pure saturated secondary colors that demonstrate a fundamental rule of color theory with regards to the primary RED.
Photographically, equal parts of magenta and yellow equal red. Are those blossoms Buddlea, a plant often called a Butterfly Bush.  A butterfly is most perfect before it takes flight and your Black Jezabel is flawless.  We wonder if this is a male or female and we are amused that the male is still called Jezabel.
We are confused regarding the proper spelling of Jezabel/Jezebel as we have seen it both ways.  There was but one photo attached.

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Location: Australia

2 Responses to Black Jezabel (newly emerged from chrysalis) from Australia

  1. wadej347 says:

    Thanks, I took many photos thought i’m having trouble uploading several at a time. Yes that is a butterfly bush i thought it would be a suitable place to put it seeing as i don’t know what it eats and the purple flowers made for a great photo, i have several butterfly bushes in my back yard it attracts alot of butterflys year round, how can i tell the sex of the butterfly because it is still in my backyard.

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