Male and Female Golden Orbweavers
Location: Medina County, TX
December 3, 2010 12:11 am
Hi,I thought you guys might want to see what I found. I found them at the end of summer. Keep up the good work!
Signature: Bug Hugger

Mating Golden Orbweavers

Dear Bug Hugger,
Thank you so much for providing our readership with a photograph of a pair of Golden Orbweavers,
Argiope aurantia.  We have countless images of the gorgeous female spider with her distinctive markings, but this may be the only image of a male of the species posted to our site.  It is positively marvelous that your camera was handy to capture this amorous pair.  The large female easily grabss the attention of even the most distracted person due to her size and black and yellow markings, but the diminutive male generally gets overlooked.

Male Golden Orbweaver with his mate.

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Location: texas

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