What kind of bug is this???
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
December 1, 2010 7:42 pm
The other day I noticed about 100 of these bugs just appear in my house. Shocked by what was happening and was freaked out. They got all over clothes, floors and were crawling on the walls. I took a picture of one before I killed it hoping to understand what this is and where it came from?
Its real small like 1/8” in diameter, black body with about three thorns on it’s butt.
Any advice would be helpful!
Signature: Mike

Aphid: Where did they come from???

Hi Mike,
We had to enlarge your photograph which degraded the image quality, but it appears that this is an Aphid in the family Aphididae.  According to BugGuide:  “Aphids may be identified by two tubelike projections on the posterior, called cornicles or siphunculi. These appear to function as a means of chemical defense, emitting pheromones to alert other aphids about a predator nearby. They also offer mechanical protection, as the fluid emitted can gum up the mouthparts of the predators.  Although many different aphid species are known, they may sometimes be identified by the host plant upon which they are found. However, several different species of aphid may infest a single plant species. An attempt to organize BugGuide’s aphid images by host plant is underway here.
”  Determining why they are in your home should result in resolving the problem.  Aphids feed by sucking the juices from plants, and many species are significant agricultural pests.  Did you recently purchase a new house plant?  Perhaps you recently brought plants back into the house that have spent the summer outside.  Maybe you just brought a live Christmas Tree indoors.  It is often quite difficult to determine the exact species of Aphid based on a photograph alone.  If these Aphids came from a live Christmas Tree, they might be Giant Conifer Aphids in the genus Cinara.  Of this group, BugGuide notes:  “They are, however, a problem for Christmas tree growers: customers don’t like large, conspicuous aphids in their homes, especially since they tend to abandon the tree as it starts to dry out.”  Aphids are not the only insects that enter the home on a Christmas Tree, and each year we get at least one letter from a person who suddenly finds Preying Mantids have hatched from an ootheca that came with the tree.

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Location: Ohio

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