Can someone help identify this bug?
Location: Oklahoma
November 28, 2010 5:18 pm
I have these bugs under my washing machine and a few have climbed from under there and on the floor a few inches away. I moved the machine and these are ”nests” of dust, webs, or that’s what it looks like to me. They do crawl but most of time just sit still. There are ”skins” where they have shed them like a snake. The bugs are white or beige with darker on each end. There are many legs like centipedes and the back end looks like it has long antennae maybe 2. I can’t stand bugs and I have never seen these before but now I am looking for them everywhere. Under the machine and on the round legs of the machine seem to be where they are. HELP!!!!
Signature: Barbara

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Dear Barbara,
You have Carpet Beetle Larvae, and now that you have that information, you should be able to find lots of information in our own archive and on the internet.  They feed on shed pet hair and other organic materials.

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Location: Oklahoma

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  1. Lorraine says:

    The picture isn’t clear enough to tell, but some of the critters look a bit like bedbugs (ICK! HATE HATE HATe!) Hope they;re not, for your sake.
    (I’ve actually replaced the vloth king mattress with two air beds, covered in two inches of memory foam. It’s AMAZINGLY comfortable! Ear person can adjust their bed as they like…. no more rolling down into the pit of the heavier person.

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