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Searched for 1 month, Cant identify this Insect with 8 legs
Location: Great Falls MT
November 27, 2010 5:20 pm
Well hello. My name is Dawn and I live in Montana, for now. We are in need of your assistance. My 8yr old Kyle and I have a great hobby of finding bugs and learning anything we can about them. We have been big fans of your site from about the time he was 2; even bigger fans of the bugs we find. Your site has helped us identify a pipe-wive swallowtail caterpillar, a horn worn, a green lynx spider, hobos, wolf, and brown recluse spiders. We have always had much success. But we are stumped. A coworker learned of our ”weirdness” she called it and brought me in a bug to help name. She found it in the packaging of her new washer and dryer-cardboard. I have had it in a mason jar with cardboard and chunks of paper for over a month. IT is still alive thankfully. So here goes: its got 3 main parts (head, thorax, and abs) but the thorax is small and questionable, ab is dark gray with darker horizontal stripes, head and 8 legs are fleshy tan in color, legs are thicker towa rds the ab, head is tear-shaped with eyes centered and close, it has long ”feelers” or antenna in front, AND HERE IS THE FINALE, it has a mouth (or two) like a bird, they look like pinchers like an earwig would have but its sarrated and it has two side by side and they can move seperately. Whew. Its hard to explain. we will try to attach a picture but its from my BB and is not the greatest. We are grateful for your help. And thank you for such a wonderful site, we use it often!
Signature: Mother&Son Bug Explorers

Sun Spider

Dear Mother&Son Bug Explorers,
Though your digital file is small and the image is quite blurry, we can see enough from the outline that when combined with your literal description (especially the description of the mouth) leaves little doubt that this is a Sun Spider or Wind Scorpion, an Arachnid in the order Solifugae.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Montana

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