What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

November 27, 2010:  The Story Until Now
After first Umber and then Ginger were buried in the yard, their sister Amber still had a swollen eye that was not improving despite aspirin & garlic, neosporin, and tetra-antibiotic treatments.  Amber was moved to a convalescent hospital on Sunday November 21.   She was left in the care of Kimberly who believes Amber has an eye parasite (from eating garden worms) and promised to worm Amber the very next day.  Kimberly is a kind woman who takes in chickens whose health is severely compromised, and she nurses them back to health.

Chicken Coop Front View

Daniel got assistance from Victor on Thanksgiving and the chicken coop was rotated 180º so that the back of the house will get the sunrise and sunset will happen in the front.  The interior was hosed down and all the chicken sh#t was swept up and buried in the vegetable patch.  The inside of the coop was sprayed with bleach diluted in water 1:7.

Chicken Coop Rear View

The rear of the coop which had been unpainted plywood was primed with green primer that was watered down to better penetrate the wood.

Update: November 28, 2010
Since Daniel spent so much time and energy building a chicken coop and habitat, he has not given up on the endeavor to raise chickens in the yard.  Wes in El Monte has already told Daniel that he will get him some nice hens, and Amber may recover and return home.  Since chickens are social creatures, Amber will not be coming home unless there are some companions for her.  It might be best to start anew with some young chicks that have been inoculated against the horrific diseases like Newcastle and Marek’s.  Though the first chapter in the adventures of the Fuzzy Bottom Gals has ended tragically, it is expected that future chapters will contain some happy times.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Mt Washington

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