Is this some kind of Elephant Weevil?
Location: Robertson NSW Australia
November 23, 2010 1:07 am
Hi bugman, Recently I have gain a great interest in macro photography. I do try to identify all the bugs I photograph to gain a greater knowledge of my subjects.
I camera across this little guy, about 1.5-2cm in length. Is it some kind of Elephant Weevil?
Regards Richard


Hi Richard,
This is definitely a Weevil, but not an Elephant Weevil.  The angle is not ideal for identification, and Weevils can be difficult to identify.  We believe it is one of the Broad-Nosed Weevils in the family Adelognatha, and there are several on the Brisbane Insect Website including the Peanut Weevil.

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Location: Australia

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