What’s That Bug bug – missing pages
November 19, 2010 10:18 pm
Hello good bug folks. I’m having a problem with your site, and I don’t know if it is my problem or on your end. Perhaps webmaster Daniel will have an idea.
Periodically our computers (one netbook, one desktop) won’t display all your entries. Page 1 will show all the current photos and requests, but when I select page 2, it will skip any other entries added since the day the glitch started. The most recent episode started November 13th. Everything in between vanishes into a black hole, including any top-of-page features added since. Eventually I presume that it will right itself as it has in the past, but in the meantime it is a rather annoying little issue, because I don’t know what I’ve missed out on. It’s like reading a book with a chapter torn out. Anyway, it is really interfering with my daily bug fix, and I hope you might be able to find time to suggest what it going on, so it can be rectified.
One of your greatest fans…
Signature: Bev (aka Bugophile)

Hi Bev,
Thanks for your concern.  We have also mentioned this to Daniel the webmaster.  There seems to always be about three or four posts that get lost in a black hole between pages 1 and 2 and we cannot figure out the problem.  As you indicate, they eventually reappear when additional posts are added to the top of the queue.

Hi Daniel
Thanks for your reply, I know the last thing you want to have to do is spend time on computer bugs, real bugs are much more valuable. Hope you can get it figured out soon. By the way, I have put in a specific request to the family for a copy of Curious World… for Christmas. Looking forward to finding it under the tree.

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