Bug identification.
Location: Diggins, Missouri, under water in a pond.
November 18, 2010 1:39 pm
I was fishing a little while back and caught a rock with a little bug that was living in/on it under the water. It stayed on the rock and didn’t really seem to notice I was holding it, I just ended up taking a picture and putting him back, it looks like a bedbug, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what it was, it’s ”bugging” me. If you could solve this mystery for me it’d be very appreciated.
Signature: Brad McBandycars

Naiad on a Hook

Hi Brad McBandycars,
You hooked a Naiad, a talent that Ulysses would admire.  A Naiad is the aquatic nymph of a flying insect that is usually associated with water. Your Naiad is a young Dragonfly.  If the Naiads of Dragonflies are similar to other larvae, they probably undergo 5 molts before becoming adults.  The molts are stages known as instars and the adult is called the Imago.  We cannot identify the species of Dragonfly you have hooked.

Unknown Dragonfly Naiad

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Location: Missouri

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