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Location: Zagreb (city center), Croatia, Europe
November 19, 2010 9:50 am
I have this thing living under my outdoor window sill for the past week or so. It’s scary as hell. I’ve never seen this species around here before. It made this yellow ball that can be seen under it. The photo was taken today. The outside temperature goes to near 0°C at night at this time, and it seems to be pretty comfortable with that. Please tell me what it is. Thanks!
Signature: danko

Cross Spider

Hi Danko,
This is a female Cross Spider with her egg sac.  She is a harmless Orbweaver and her species,
Araneus diadematus, has the distinction of being the first spiders sent into space when Anita and Arabella we sent into orbit in 1973 aboard Skylab 3 to see how spiders would spin webs in weightlessness.  You may read about Skylab 3 on the About Chemistry website.  Your spider will probably not survive very much longer, but her eggs will hatch in the spring.

That was super fast!
Thank you!

Location: Europe

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