Inchworm ant?
Location: Davis, California
November 17, 2010 8:21 pm
Hello, I found this really strange bug in my bathroom last night. It was about an inch long and really aggressive! I tried to catch it in a cup and it started biting it. It ran away from the cup when I tried to sneak up on it and zipped away like an inchworm! I’ve never seen anything like it. It had 6 legs and a really long abdomen… any idea what it could be? Thanks!
Signature: confused student

Snakefly Larva

Dear confused student,
You have had an encounter with the Larva of a Snakefly.  These predators, despite their aggressive behavior, are perfectly harmless.  Snakeflies belong to the family Raphidiidae and you can compare your image to a photograph we found on BugGuide.

Location: California

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  1. terri says:

    we also have these in weed ca. I found one of the snake fly larva bugs on my kitchen floor last night, freaked me out!

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