Spider, Tick, Tailless Scorpion, or something else???
Location: Enfield, New Hampshire
November 17, 2010 2:59 am
I have found a bug in my home that I very rarely find and dont know what it is??? Today is the 3rd time I have seen this species since I lived here since 1994. I have found this bug mostly in dark places like the floor of our broom closet, and once fell off a box of spaghetti and onto my stovetop. This time however I was making our bed and say him and got excited while my wife was disgusted with a bug in our bed. I found a small zip lock bag and a piece of paper and scooted him into the bag. His attitude towards this was defensive and he always turned in the direction of the edge of paper and he reminded me of a scorpion, but without a tail. I found my wifes digital camcorder and went to go back to the ziplock bag to get a snapshot and the ziplock bag had a broken seam on the side so he escaped =( I would really like to know what type of bug he is and if he is harmless or not. When observing these guys in their habitat they are usually forraging in dust and using their s corpion like pinchers to bring stuff to their small mouth. So I dont know if mites have pinchers if this is what he is. Really bummed that he got loose. i have a stereo microscope and was hoping to get a nice picture of him. If I went to try to find them, i can never find them. I only find them by accident, so I am thinking their population within my home is very small. I drew a picture of what i found and can supply more info if needed. Added a dime to photo to give scale or the bugs size in lower left. Larger picture i drew to show pinchers and body features. He also has 8 legs + the 2 pinchers i believe.
Signature: Thanks, Dave

Drawing of a Pseudoscorpion

Hi Dave,
Thanks to your excellent drawing, there is little doubt in our mind that you have found a harmless Pseudoscorpion.

Location: New Hampshire

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  1. worgen35 says:

    Yes that is “EXACTLY HIM” in photos below…..COOOLLLL Thanks SO MUCH =)

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