cave invertebrates
Location: Lanao del Norte, Philippines
November 15, 2010 1:12 am
i would like to ask a help to identify these specimen. i collected these invertebrates from the cave in the Philippines. i find it hard to identify them because i have no standard taxonomic keys and other references. Please kindly help me because they are needed to be identify for my thesis. I hope for your help, as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.
Signature: immediately

Huntsman Spider

Ed. Note: We have already responded to immediately regarding our issues with doing these identifications, but we couldn’t resist posting this image which we believe is one of the Huntsman Spiders in the family Sparassidae, also known as the Giant Crab Spiders

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Location: Philippines

3 Responses to Huntsman Spider from the Philippines

  1. Katie M. says:

    It looks very similar to Hepetoda maxima. The species was recently discovered in the caves of Laos. Depending on size, the oddities of the description fit very well.

  2. Brian Kinn says:

    It’s definitely Heteropoda spp. As to species, well good luck on that. I’ve collected many arthropods in the Phils, and have always run into issues, often even on genus. I’ve discovered a species of diplopod that exceeded the size of the species in Madagascar…. and nobody seems to have any data on it (typical of many species of arthropods of all kinds in the Phils). If I were doing a dissertation … looking for previously unidentified species … I’d start in the Philippines (probably Mindanao)

  3. Gluttonoubass says:

    Do forgive my unusual manner of words I mean no offense I’m just stressed because I have a masive arachnophobia mams and sirs, “seldom see them”?! I had one crawling up my tired ass minutes ago sheeesh and I was about to sleep! 😭

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