spiky moth in berkeley
Location: Berkeley, California
November 14, 2010 1:20 pm
Hi there. Found this moth resting on my windowsill in November. Love the protuberances on it!
Any ideas?
Signature: Ayesha

Bilobed Looper

Hi Ayesha,
There are many Owlet Moths in the tribe Plusiini that are known as Loopers, and your moth closely resembles the Bilobed Looper,
Megalographa biloba, which was recently classified in its own genus after formerly residing in the genus Autographa.  According to BugGuide it is:  “A very widespread species; the type specimen was collected in Venezuela.

awesome, thanks. Yes, I see the photos on Bug Guide and looks the same. And its larval host plants are pretty common plants so I can see why there might be some around here.
Lovely moth. Thank you again.

Location: California

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